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Maigon Consultancy Agreement Released in Beta Oct 31, 2021
Today we are releasing Maigon Consultancy Agreement (Beta) – our new AI tool for review of consultancy contracts and similar profes...
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Maigon Part of Nora.startup Network Oct 31, 2021
We are enthused to explore our new membership in Nora.startup of NORA – The Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Research Consortium, ...
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Albacross, a Revenue Acceleration Platform, Sig... Sep 13, 2021
Today we celebrate that Revenue Acceleration Platform found a perfect fit for in its tool kit, to speed up the re...
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Maigon is Part of the Swedish and European AI S... May 20, 2021
We are proud to announce that is now among the 150+ top startups being part of the Swedish AI Startup Landscape! And also one o...
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Nordic Semiconductor selects Maigon NDA May 15, 2021
We are raising the flag in Norway just in time for the feast on Norway's Constitution Day. Today we welcome our first Norwegian...
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NA-KD selects Maigon for accelerated DPA review Apr 30, 2021
Welcome NA-KD, one of Europe’s 20 fastest growing companies and one of the world’s leaders in fashion and e-commerce. We are ...
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