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Work smarter. Use our AI contract review products and save up to 90% of contract review time.

Our AI contract review tools speed up the contracting process by screening your agreement, answering key legal questions, providing you with detailed advice that will guide you to improve or finalize the contract.

Development roadmap

We are adding new artificial intelligence-based services that aim to make legal workflows faster and easier. No matter what the legal domain is, we use the best available legal and technical expertise to build reliable and efficient solutions for addressing relevant challenges. The following products are under active development and/or available in Beta.

You are in good company

Contracts reviewed: 2455

We are saving thousands of hours of legal work for our clients by using Artificial Intelligence for contract review.

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"DPA AI makes review of data processing agreements much faster."
Sara Edlund, General Counsel at Dustin Group

News and updates

Asters, the largest law firm in Ukraine, signs ... Jun 17, 2021
Asters, the largest law firm in Ukraine offering a full range of legal services, has signed up for an extensive trial of the Maigon AI pl...
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Maigon is Part of the Swedish and European AI S... Jun 12, 2021
We are proud to announce that is now among the 150+ top startups being part of the Swedish AI Startup Landscape! And also one o...
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Nordic Semiconductor selects Maigon NDA Jun 12, 2021
We are raising the flag in Norway just in time for the feast on Norway's Constitution Day. Today we welcome our first Norwegian...
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About Maigon

Maigon is an independent AI NLP company that develops solutions for contract review to speed up legal work. Our clients save up to 90% of contract review time by using our products.
Our vision is to improve the quality of contract review and simplify and speed up legal work for everyone involved, which allows our customers to focus on their core business instead.

Our values


No matter how technically advanced a product is, its most important feature is being useful in practice. Customer feedback is of paramount importance to us, and making the clients happy about the quality and utility of our products is the ultimate goal of any development we undertake.

Always state-of-the-art

We aim at the highest standards of quality, to make sure that our clients use AI solutions that are as reliable and accurate as possible. To maintain such standards, we keep up with the state-of-the-art technology and regularly perform its testing and integrations.

Hand-picked data

To build an accurate AI, high-quality data is essential. We collect all the training data internally, then review and label it manually, applying our industry-leading legal expertise. Human expert quality control is integrated into the process of compiling every single dataset.

Constant innovation

We always try to deliver more than expected. Through innovation and experimentation, reinforced by customer feedback, we identify new ways to improve our services, such as adding new useful features or radically improving the existing functionality by means of a novel technology.

Cross-discipline talent

Top-quality LegalTech requires top-tier technological and legal expertise. Our company attracts highly skilled professionals - developers and IT lawyers with a strong track record in legal technology. Cross-discipline talent is what makes our solutions stand out.

The team

Magnus Sundqvist


Sergii Shcherbak


Knut-Magnar Aanestad

Head of Market Development & Country Manager Norway

Andreas Börjesson

Business development &
Investor relations

Jim Runsten

Business development &