Improved Analysis of Bilingual Contracts

Bilingual contracts are documents drafted in multiple (usually two) languages in the same document in parallel. Such contracts are usually executed between legal entities that use different languages in business. Often such agreements are cross-jurisdictional.

Maigon contract review tools support the processing of documents in more than 55 languages. Such documents are in most cases drafted in a single language. However, if a bilingual contract was submitted to the contract review platform, all the text of the document in all the languages was processed, which often led to semantic duplicates in compliance report and therefore diminished the accuracy of the analysis. A new approach to bilingual contracts was needed.

Today we have launched a new AI module dedicated specifically to the analysis of bilingual agreements. When the agreement is classified as bilingual, the governing contract language (as agreed in the contract) is automatically detected. The governing language version of the contract is then analyzed, and the version in the other "just-for-convenience" language is discarded. And in the rare case when a bilingual agreement does not contain a provision on the governing language, all language versions of the contract are treated as equal, and the first language version is analyzed.

This new approach to analyzing bilingual contracts prevents the stacking of semantic duplicates, allows for a more focused review of the text that matters most, adds clarity to the AI's analysis and improves the accuracy of the review results.

The bilingual contract analysis module has been integrated into all of our contract review applications - Maigon DPA, NDA, Privacy Policy, and EULA, - and has been made available to all of our clients.