It’s all about the power of AI - the start of a unique partnership

It’s all about the power of AI - the start of a unique partnership

Maigon reaches yet another milestone in our growth plan, a new way to efficiently spread the value of our automated document reviews to even more users around the world.

We are thrilled to enter into a unique partnership with, one of the strongest forces in the commercial use of Artificial Intelligence in the market. will, with their professional sales resources, led by CEO Gro Merethe Johnsrud and Head of Sales Evy Beinset Bakken, bring the Maigon AI Document review tools onboard their expanding portfolio of "best of breed" AI-solutions,  and "propell" them into the market with their impressive sales force.

- "As part of's strategy to be an AI hub integrated with best-of-breed solutions, we are very proud to include Maigon's AI solution as one of the first additional products we can offer to our customers. We are overwhelmed by the professional competence in Maigon", says Gro Merethe Johnsrud, CEO in

- "Our partnership with is the first step of our new growth strategy, letting professional sales partners work their magic. We have now matched up with a partner that not only understands the value of our solutions, they are also experts in bringing that value to customers organizations- We are really looking forward to make big waves together with", comments Knut-Magnar Aanestad, Maigon's Head of Market Development and Country Manager Norway.

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